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The Webpage of Biophysics Austria serves as communication and networking platform for the Austrian Biophysical Community. Methods used by or members include electrophysiology, FRET, single molecule spectroscopy, AFM, SAXS, SANS, molecular biology, MD simulations, membrane biophysics. Research lab of our members showcase their activities and focus.

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Members of Biophysics Austria

Assoc. Univ.-Prof. Andreas Horner Dr.

Johannes Kepler University | Institute of Biophysics

MSc Simon Jaritz

TU Wien | Applied physics, biophysics group

Enzymatic collagen degradation and force testing

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Prof.(FH) Dr. DI Birgit Plochberger

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria | Medizintechnik und Angewandte Sozialwissenschaften

Rainer Schindl Dr.

Medizinische Universität Graz | Gottfried Schatz Forschungszentrum

Arthur Sedivy Dipl.-Ing.

Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities GmbH | Protein Technologies

Assoc.Prof. Thomas Stockner Mag. Dr.

Medical University of Vienna | Center for Physiology and Pharmacology