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25. February 2020

British Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting

06-09th April 2020

The British Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting is to be held at the University of Leeds on 6-9th April 2020, with a Young Crystallographers satellite meeting on 6-7th April, and registration is open now:

The programme of the Biological Structures Group, summarized below, should be of interest for the biomolecular modelling community.  If you have work to present that would fit within one of the BSG oral sessions, we would encourage you to submit here:

 As the original abstract deadile has already passed, if you would like to submit an abstract for either an oral presentation or a poster, please do so as soon as possible.

BSG Plenary :‘Rosalind Franklin Centenary Lecture’

Speaker: Prof. Gabriel Waksman FRS (UCL/Birkbeck)‘Mechanism of effector targeting by the Legionella type IV secretion system’


BSG Session 1: Structure-based drug design 

Chair: Prof. Jane Endicott (Newcastle)

Keynote: Dr. Pamela Williams (Astex Pharmaceuticals) ‘Structure-based drug discovery: how did we get here and where are we going?’ 

BSG Session 2: Time-resolved crystallography

Chair: Dr. Briony Yorke (Leeds)

Keynote: Prof. Jasper van Thor (Imperial) Optical control of protein structural dynamics by ultrafast X-ray crystallography’ 


BSG Session 3: Enzymes

Chair: Dr. Wyatt Yue (Oxford)

Keynote: Prof. Peter Moody (Leicester)  ‘Using neutron crystallography to watch hydrogens in heme enzymes’

BSG Session 4: Computational biophysics

Chair: Dr. Matteo Degiacomi (Durham)

Keynote:  Prof. Franca Fraternali (King’s) ‘Protein-protein interactions in health and disease: the importance of 3D structure’

BSG Session 5: Membrane proteins

Chair: Prof. Bonnie Wallace (Birkbeck)

Keynote: Dr. Amandine Marechal (UCL) ‘Respiratory supercomplexes: what can we learn from yeast?’

BSG Session 6: Protein-protein interactions

Chair: Prof. Richard Bayliss (Leeds)

Keynote:  Dr. Elton Zeqiraj (Leeds) ‘Structure and function of ubiquitin signalling complexes’




Date: 06-07 April 2020
Venue: University of Leeds, GB